Hello, this is Filip Zavadil.

Filip Zavadil photo.

I´m guy from the heart of Europe (Czech Republic). My passion is discovering new options, technology and improving my skills.

I'm interested in the following modern (magical) words: HTML5 - CSS3 - Javascript. On frontend is very important visual impression. I deal with graphic design - I'm creator of mapkeyicons - clear icon font for web and cartography. Visit my boards on Pinterest. Server side is driven by powerful Node.js technology. In designing I'm abiding by these three simple rules: simplicity - functionality - design , this is my “Holy trinity”. And that's what I do (in a nutshell) for fun&living.

It is my pleasure to contributing to web community. See my github profile or my start-up mapshakers.com or my Linkedin profile.

My professional skills comes from my master degree from CTU in Prague (Czech Technical University),specialization in Geomatics/Geoinfomatics. So I have knowledge about Geographical Information System (GIS), geodesy and cartography.

It is also very important to be fit! So that's why I love running, swimming, skiing and nature in general. Health is the most important for me, because when I'm OK with myself therefore I'm happy and successful in my personal and business life. For relaxing there is music and my ukulele.